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"The TurnAround Resource Center is one of the best things to open in Lebanon Junction. This group services so many people – people who need the services now within their back yard. Jeannie and her crew know the people they serve. They build relationships with people, they care. This sometimes is more important than the actual service. 

When Jeannie told me her idea for this project ( years ago), I thought she would never get the support she needed for it to thrive. I was wrong and I definitely  underestimated Jeannie. She is a go getter. She sees a problem and automatically starts looking for a solution. I can’t wait to see what Jeannie and crew have up their sleeve for the next phase of the Turnaround! The people of Lebanon Junction are so lucky to have this group in their neighborhood!"

–  Tammy Perdew, FRC Coordinator

"We have partnered with the Turnaround to help with assisting people in the surrounding counties.  Helping serve food, providing food for baskets and helping during the holidays.  Our values at Rue Gilt Groupe (RGG) compliment everything the Turnaround stands for:  Kindness, Passionate, Empowered, Tenacity, and Innovation.  I see all of these values being displayed at the Turnaround.  The Turnaround is a vital part of the community to help people in need."

– Robin Berry



We provide all arrangements for your mission team, church or family to serve on the island of Roatan. We offer housing, all meals, transportation and ministry preparation for a wide group of churches and organizations. 


We are in the process of completing our second location to expand the ministry. We are in need of your prayers, volunteers, donations of materials and/or financial assistance to help the

community in Jesus name.. 


We need your prayers and support to provide for the needs of the community in Lebanon Junction, KY. Your gift supports community outreach and support, housing assistance,  food distribution, backpacks for needy children and much more!